Startup in SLC, Medical Services

Family Business in Manufacturing
October 14, 2016

Startup in SLC, Medical Services

Medical Services

Client: Startup in SLC, Medical Services

Opportunity: Client had an ongoing post-revenue concern, with twelve corporate subscribers, a proven technology and a few paying referenceable clients. The company was angel funded and was consuming cash. The founder wanted to acquire more capital to hire some leadership, sales resources and retain programmers.

Process / Work Performed:

  • Reviewed financial model, sales model, staffing projections and recommended changes and different scenarios for the purposes of raising capital
  • Built a one-page pitch sheet for wide distribution
  • Reviewed and recommended changes to the pitch deck which focused mostly outside of the financial model
  • Tracked changes to model, deck, pitch sheet
  • Built cap table and built out scenarios for different investment proposals
  • Reviewed and proposed investment terms for the capital raise
  • Worked with 19 respondents to YPO Deal Network posting, participated with founder in calls (and follow up) with 9 of the respondents

Result: The client is now servicing contracts in all 50 states and in a number of foreign countries. In addition, they the leadership of the company.  (On a side note, the founder seems a lot happier now that the flywheel of his business is turning!)