Family Business in Manufacturing

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October 14, 2016
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October 14, 2016

Family Business in Manufacturing

Client: Family Business in Manufacturing

Opportunity: The client had landed and fulfilled a multi-million dollar contract to provide a product to a customer who had indicated an exponentially larger order. In addition, a number of proposals, demos, site visits and even more related opportunities were in the offing. The client was in need of financing to build manufacturing capacity and potentially finance the purchase of further inventory to produce more product.

Process / Work Performed:

  • Created chart of accounts and fully recreated accounting records in Quickbooks from the company’s inception (FY 2014 – FY 2014) using any and all records, interviews and assorted documents.
  • Built Pro Forma financial statements with detailed annotations for due diligence by potential outside investors. The financials included separate divisions, consolidated views, P&L, balance sheet and cash flow. The documents were also used in defense against lawsuits.
  • Created Policies and Procedures manuals and created desk procedures for accounting, record keeping, expense, employee reimbursement, invoicing and accounts payable.
  • Reconstructed a timeline of key events, contract fulfillments, invoices and payments received, and summarized it for the company’s principals, attorneys and for potential investors.
  • Summarized, created narratives, annotations and bridge docs, then transitioned my work product to the company’s outside attorney after my engagement.
  • Built financial models, bio books, organizational charts and financial projections for pitch book.
  • Participated in strategic meetings with potential joint venture partners, potential investors and with supply chain partners in the role of the company’s de facto CFO.

Result: My work helped the company defend itself against lawsuits from former partners and helped guide their management team through pitches to outside investors. In addition, I helped guide the company away from some partnerships that turned out to be a front for corporate espionage from within their own ranks. Ultimately, the company reorganized and is still pursuing manufacturing contracts for their products.