Walsh Partners has a flexible process to ensure that each client’s individual needs are understood. Then methods, recommendations, infrastructure and even the working relationship are customized to fit each client’s business.

Here’s how we work:

First Meeting – we meet face to face with you and talk through your current business. What’s working? What can be improved? What’s urgent? What are the longer term goals of the business and its founders?

Initial Proposal – Walsh Partners will provide to you a high-level template for how we can help you from a back-office role and help you achieve more success delivering to your customers.

White Board Session – let’s dig deep. A proposed list of topics and areas of opportunity are provided to you as a template or agenda for a session where we get into the details of your business. This part of the process can be a single meeting or it could occur over the course of a couple of sessions and we can revisit it with you at any time.

Analysis – we go back to review your business and figure out how to simplify administrative tasks to make them easier, routine and hassle-free.

Proposed Processes – you’ll be presented with our findings, proposed processes (including accounting, banking, paying bills, fulfilling compliance requirements) and you tell us how you want to proceed.

Walsh Partners gets to work – regular reviews and updates keep you in the loop on the finance, accounting and administrative part of your business.

Any questions? Send us a note below and we’ll get right back to you: